BoardMa is Now Board Management

BoardMa Announcement         A lot is changing at BoardMa, over the last few months we have been hard at work in making enhancements to the Portal. Thank you to all of you that provided us with great feedback and suggestions. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us to improve our Read More


Nonprofit Management Best Practices

When it comes to managing and running a nonprofit organization, one of the most challenging things is effectively organizing and working with the board of directors. It is crucial that you set the correct tone, while striking a balance that will enable you to enhance the productivity of your work by collaborating with the board Read More

BM Email

A Glance at Non-profit Email Marketing Best Practices

When you are bent on putting up the best ever email campaign for marketing non-profits you will find more than one practice to track down the ongoing market trend. Making use of varying non-profit email marketing measures can help promote your non-profit to a large segment of the population. There are so many reasons why Read More

Volunteer Management

Volunteer Management

Sustain Recurring Involvement In my previous blog post “Finding Volunteers” I wrote about how to capture volunteers for your nonprofit. If you were successful at finding volunteers, your focus should now be on engineering your volunteer board to become recurring supporters—super volunteers. Developing a volunteer board requires more than just bringing in people who have Read More

BM New Years

10 Resolutions Non-profit Charities Should Make This Year

With the closing of the year, you must concentrate on putting together all your non-profit New Year resolutions. Your non-profit must devise ways not to spoil the effort, energy and time in unprofitable ventures; rather the concentration should be more on construing effective steps, which might get you beneficial outcomes better than the existing year. Do Read More


Feature New to BoardMa, Speed Improvement

Speed Improvement: Can you stand waiting in lines at theme parks or simply waiting for a browser to load? When things take longer than expected, people tend to get frustrated and move on to something else. Same thing when waiting for a website to load, if a site takes too long, people jump ship–and traffic Read More


Feature New to BoardMa, Reply Via Email

  REPLY VIA EMAIL: You can now participate in a discussion or post a comment without logging in to the web or opening your browser. Simply, hit reply from your email and your message will be posted to that discussion. Remember for this feature to work you have to reply from your email that is Read More


Feature New to BoardMa, Account Ownership Transfer

Account Ownership Transfer Today user’s demand constant improvements to the way they work and conduct business. An abundant amount of features doesn’t necessarily mean a successful product. User’s demand features that maintain a sense of simplicity, those that are clear, accessible, and understandable. Simplicity and a small feature set is crucial in the early stages Read More

Finding Volunteers-Recovered

Finding Volunteers | Strategic Assets

What is a volunteer? Volunteers are ordinary people, who, out of personal and voluntary commitment are driven to become part of something more challenging. With that said, all organizations fundamentally need strong leadership talent to execute their strategy successfully, right? Finding volunteers is thought to be a difficult process, especially if you’re a nonprofit just Read More

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